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Evo and OzoBlockly, Decoded

It’s getting harder and harder to separate us from our technology. In a 2015 study, Deloitte found that Americans across age groups check their smartphones 46 times a day, and that number is only going up. Meanwhile, the line between those who create technology and those who merely consume it is more defined than ever.

If you want to make the jump from consumer to creator, start with Evo and OzoBlockly. OzoBlockly is a block-based programming language anyone can use, from absolute beginners to advanced coders. Use it to code Evo and teach your robot new tricks.


To use OzoBlockly, you’ll need:

  • An Evo robot
  • A smartphone or tablet with the Evo app installed
  • A computer or tablet* (Android or iPad, with the exception of iPad Mini)
    *Note: if you have a tablet, you only need one device.

On your computer or tablet, open the OzoBlockly editor at Click the  icon in the upper right corner and sign in to your Evo account. This is the same username and password you use to sign in to the Evo app.

Create Code

Select OzoBlockly’s Evo setting  in the upper left corner. Next, select your programming mode (1 through 4). The higher the level, the more creative and complicated your code can become. For example, in mode 1 there are preset light effects like rainbow that you can drag and drop as complete blocks. In mode 4, you can program Evo’s top light and front lights individually, to create your own light effects. Modes 3 and higher give you control over Evo’s proximity sensors. Our team used sensor blocks to make Evo’s tricks, like Follow.

You can code Evo to play certain sounds or light animations if it detects an object. Or, use markers and Evo’s color sensors to create a game, like capture the flag.

Get more Evo ideas from the #OzoSquad, including OzoBlockly creations and color code drawings, here.

Load Code (App)

Done with your awesome OzoBlockly program? Follow these steps to load your code:

  1. Open the Evo app on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Make sure your Evo is turned on and connected to the Evo app.
  3. Back in OzoBlockly, save your program (by clicking ), then select the app icon  under ‘Load Evo’ in the bottom left corner.
  4. In the Evo app, navigate to Play, then Play with Code / OzoBlockly. By default, your OzoBlockly program will run automatically when you tap Play with Code / OzoBlockly. You can turn that option off and manually run OzoBlockly programs as well. If Auto-Run is turned off, tap Run to perform an OzoBlockly program.

Load Code (Flash Loading)

You can also load OzoBlockly code just by holding Evo up to your computer or tablet’s screen. We call this flash loading. To flash load Evo:

  1. In OzoBlockly, save your program (by clicking ), then select the lightning bolt icon  under ‘Load Evo’ in the bottom left corner.
  2. Follow the directions on screen to calibrate and flash load your Evo.

Flash Loading Tips:

  • To load successfully, turn your device’s screen brightness up to 100%.
  • Don’t interact with your device during loading. We recommend closing background apps, tabs, or updates.
  • If your device has a “high performance” setting, use it. Some Android devices have this option under Settings. In Windows 10, click the battery icon in the Start bar and move the slider to “Best performance.” You can also try plugging your device in to switch to a higher performance mode.

Be sure to share your OzoBlockly creations with us. Just use @ozobot and #HackCreativity!