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Evo Updates

Evo is an app-connected coding robot for the next generation of creators. The bot has regular app and firmware updates. To get the cool new features and content covered below, just open the Evo app and connect to your Evo. If you have an update available, a pop-up will appear.


December 21, 2017

Get rewarded for all the ways you play, code, and create with Evo. View your profile to see activities you and Evo can do to level up, from Color Codes to Tricks to OzoBlockly programming. As you level up, you’ll earn coins, which you can spend on upgraded avatars. Just wait until you see them. In the world of Evo avatars, unicorns do exist…

To see your profile and pick an avatar, go to the home screen and select View Profile in the upper left. Tap on your current avatar to see other ones you’ve unlocked. All of the Evo activities that earn coins are listed in the Activity Log.

Go back to the home screen and select the Play menu. Tap OzoBlockly and check out 6 featured OzoBlockly programs, from Dance Lesson to Rev Up to Color Match. Tap a programand Evo will bring it to life! Find instructions for how to interact with Evo at the top of your app screen.

Create new OzoBlockly programs at ozoblockly.com/editor to fill the rest of the app’s My Programs section. Use programs to remix Evo’s code and teach your bot new tricks.

Visit the Explore section for super creative Evo projects to help you level up even more.

– Improved OzoLaunch controls
– Enhanced design, music, and sound effects



November 10, 2017

Explore a whole new look and feel for the Evo app. Tap your Evo, then ‘More Info’ to run checkups and get great new content like Tricks and sounds. A new Experience Pack feature tracks your progress and awards stars for completing your pack. The Experience Pack is full of activities that teach you to code Evo with colors. Use stars to unlock future content, like upgraded avatars.



November 1, 2017

Evo Tricks

Play with Evo’s sensors to trigger three tricks–Follow, Music, and Escape. Power Evo on and bond with the bot in Follow, as Evo follows your finger wherever you lead.


To switch between tricks, cover all four sensors. When Evo’s front lights all turn green, quickly let go. In Music, create songs simply by covering Evo’s sensors.


Cover all four sensors again to trigger Evo’s Escape trick and experiment all over again.


Teach Evo new tricks anytime with OzoBlockly. Drag and drop colorful blocks of code to write an OzoBlockly program that makes Evo chase the cat or own an obstacle course. Then load the code just by holding your coding robot up to your screen!

Experience Pack

With an all-new Evo Experience Pack, discover how to code Evo with colors. Experience Packs are free for Evo owners, so just get yours at ozobot.com/exp. You can download and print the PDF, or give us your address and we’ll ship a pack to you. Shipped packs also come with color code stickers!

Once you have your pack, pull out your markers, power on your Evo, and open the Evo app. As you complete the pack and learn new color codes, you’ll earn stars in the app!

  • Staff.Sandra Brown

    While these tricks are cool, how can I keep them from starting up? My students are using the Ozobots and they keep “getting possessed” as we call it. They suddenly flash red eyes and go off the track then randomly run around. I can see that the Follow command is on (which I didn’t know about until I just read this), but we just want them to follow the lines and codes at this point. Sometimes we have to calibrate 6 times for it to run regularly. Can you help?

    • Hi! Thanks for reaching out! You’re right, it does sound like your students’ Evos are performing the Follow trick. Quick question and then we should be able to help out: are your Evos in Classroom Mode? To check, (1) open the Evo by Ozobot app on a smart device (like an iPad). (2) Turn on 1 Evo and follow the in-app instructions to connect to that Evo. (2) Once connected and at the app’s home screen, tap that Evo in the app, then tap Settings, then More Info. When you get to More Info, is Classroom Mode selected?

      • Staff.Sandra Brown

        No, none of them were on Classroom Mode.

        • Ok, got it. Would you put some into Classroom Mode, and let us know if that resolves your issue? That should disable the tricks and make line following easier for your students!

          • Did putting your Evos into Classroom Mode help?

  • jeffyStreet 123

    what happened to the old user Icons?

    • We’ve got brand new avatars! Plus a bunch of upgraded avatars you can unlock by doing activities with Evo. To see them, tap View Profile in the upper left corner of your home screen, then tap on your current avatar. And please let us know what you think of the new options. 😉

      • jeffyStreet 123

        Well the new options are ok…. I still think you should add back the old options too.