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12 Awesome and Educational YouTube Channels For Kids and Parents

Today’s kids watch YouTube in the same way past generations watched TV. They follow their favorite stars, comment on videos, and immediately rush to watch new content. While YouTube can be a handy tool for keeping kids occupied, it also has a lot of content that’s not great for children to see.

Parents who want to make sure their kids are watching age-appropriate content or educational content can check out these 12 channels. Who knows, you might watch a few with your kids and decide to recreate some of the lessons yourself!

Super-Awesome Sylvia

Super-Awesome Sylvia’s Super-Awesome Maker Show features tutorial videos by a young girl on various maker gadgets and toys. Kids can learn all about screen printing or how to make their own silly putty and rockets. For a family activity, consider making your own super-awesome tutorial maker videos.  

The Backyard Scientist

As the name suggests, the Backyard Scientist completes experiments from his backyard in Florida. Videos are typically only three to eight minutes long and the host is usually just as excited about the results as the audience is. His most notable video is an experiment where he pours molten aluminum into a watermelon.


More than 20,000 teachers across the United States use Flocabulary’s videos to teach basic concepts through hip hop and animation. Subjects include science, math, social studies, and even social topics like managing anxiety and staying safe on the Internet. Not only will your kids enjoy watching and learning from these videos, they’re sure to be singing the songs (and retaining the information in them) long after the videos end.

Vi Hart

Vi Hart brands herself as a mathemusician and virtual reality philosopher. Her videos range from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, but all are witty, face-paced, and entertaining. She even does math improv videos where she sits down without any idea what she’s going to talk about and creates models about math or talks about concepts in the way you would chat with your best friend. Parents and kids alike will appreciate her work.  


The Royal Institution of Great Britain has created a number of videos meant to get children thinking deeply about science. ExpeRimental is one series that offers tips for those families who want to do science at home. You don’t need a fancy lab or complete equipment to embrace STEM activities, just a little creativity and a few items found around the house.  

Make Anything

Families with a passion for 3D printing and design will love Make Anything with host Devin Montes. Some of his videos feature answers to problems solved with 3D printing, while others focus on projects he has created with a 3D printer. Get curious about this technology and tap into your creativity as a problem-solver with Make Anything.


Some of the videos created by HooplakidzLab are tutorials, meant for children to complete them while watching. When the host explains what materials your kids will need, they can pause the video and assemble the materials themselves. Some videos do require the use of fire and scissors, so parental supervision is important if you want to use this channel for family activities.

Science Bob

Bob Pflugfelder is the host of Science Bob, a YouTube Channel that features experiments you don’t want to try at home. Pflugfelder plays with mousetraps and fire and exploding pumpkins to show that science is amazing. An elementary school science teacher when he’s not making videos, his experiments are ideal for kids up to middle grade levels.  

Math Antics

Rob and Jeremy started Math Antics because they wanted to create math videos that were easy for anyone to understand. If your child struggles with math, these videos might help. Some of their top videos deal with the Pythagorean theorem, basic linear functions, and data set properties.

What Do We Do All Day?

Erica is the brilliant mind behind What Do We Do All Day, a blog and video series which features STEAM activities, puzzles, math art, and experiments. She really does a great job of combining the art and creativity elements of science, math, and engineering. Her videos typically aren’t more than a minute or two long and come with in-depth tutorials on her blog.

Sick Science

Sick Science is hosted by Steve Spangler, a celebrity teacher, author, and science toy designer. His YouTube channel features quick videos showcasing crafts that parents and kids can do at home. Use Sick Science when you need ideas to turn a boring rainy day into a STEAM-driven family fun day!

Crash Course Kids

Crash Course Kids explores the world of science, covering animals and exploring the ocean and atmosphere. The videos start with Grade 5 science curriculum and expand to other grade levels. Each video has information for teachers to make sure the content is relevant for the classroom, and parents can also read it to make sure the videos are appropriate for their kids.

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