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Activity: Evo and Bit are Looking for Love

Wall-E traveled the galaxy just to help Eve. Marlin crossed the ocean in search of Nemo. Lots of characters—robotic, aquatic, and human—have gone on epic quests in the name of love.

This Valentine’s Day, Evo and Bit are on a quest of their own: learning to spell love. Bit has a hard time remembering that there are multiple “o” sounds, like the very different sounds in the words oatmeal and octopus. And Evo? Evo has just spent too much time texting lately, and is convinced the correct spelling is L-U-V. Think you can help?

Just print the PDF below. Then, using markers and Color Codes, get your bot from Start to Finish. Of course, it’s not quite that simple. As Evo and Bit go, they need to spell L-O-V-E by passing each letter, in order. Make a wrong turn, and your bot has got evol or levo and no love to speak of.

Just like computer programming, there are multiple solutions to this challenge. If you find one of the solutions, share a video of Evo or Bit maneuvering your completed Color Code maze! Just use #ozobot.

You’ll need:

Print your maze and get to work! Use codes from our Color Code Chart to get your bot from Start to Finish, passing L, O, V, and E in order as it goes. If you get stuck, peek at one possible solution here.

Educators, if you’re desperately seeking Valentine’s Day activities that don’t involve sugar or hurt feelings, you’re in luck. Get your students crushing on creativity and coding instead! Run, don’t walk, to our Lesson Library for a 30-minute version of this activity, complete with a more advanced maze for older students and experienced Color Coders.