#BuiltWithOzoBlockly: Rev Up for Teen Self Esteem Month

Our calendars are overloaded with fantastic made-up holidays like Take Your Houseplants For A Walk Day, Winnie the Pooh Day, or National Donut Day. But National Teen Self Esteem Month is a topic we can really get behind.

What is Teen Self Esteem Month? It’s organizers call it a “may-day”—a call to “work with our youth on developing a positive and healthier self-image.” The teen years are arguably some of the most weird and wonderful years of our lives. A lot of things feel out of control, including changes most likely taking place with your body, but it’s also a time to experiment, establish some independence, and start making about the person you want to become. In short, it’s a time of major transition.

Evo, your creative companion with a heart of {code}, is here to help with that transition. Last month Evo explored space with Color Codes and OzoBlockly. This month’s STEAM activity uses Rev Up, an OzoBlockly program you can find in Evo’s app, to pump you up and fill you with creative confidence. Check it out below!

Evo Inspiration Wheel

You’ll need:

You’re going to create an Inspiration Wheel, then use Evo’s Rev Up program to find your inspirational message for the day. Follow these steps:

  1. Print the Evo Inspiration Wheel (or draw your own!)
    Evo Inspiration Wheel >
  2. Color it in
  3. Open the Evo app and connect to your Evo. Then, Navigate to the Play section and select OzoBlockly. Here, you’ll see six featured OzoBlockly programs, that give you an idea of the cool stuff Evo can do with OzoBlockly.
  4. Set your Evo in the middle of the inspiration wheel.
  5. In the app, select Rev Up.
  6. Connect your thumbs and fingers in a diamond shape around Evo. Evo will start to wind up, like an adorable little engine. Wait 3 seconds, then release Evo!

Wherever Evo lands, that’s your inspirational message for the day. Repeat as desired throughout Teen Self Esteem Month, especially on those days (when you have a big test, get in an argument with a friend, or just need a bit of TLC).