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Ozobot at CES: A Manifesto

Each year, hundreds of thousands of people head to the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, ready to be wow-ed by the next big thing in tech. But this year, in lieu of an oversized Ozobot booth, we decided to do something different. We’ve scaled things back and—right in the midst of the many sights and sounds of CES—to carve out a space to reflect on where we’re headed and how we can secure a place for children in that brilliant future.

It’s a small gesture designed to deliver a big message. With our one-inch robots and 2 Ways to Code, we make it easier for educators to teach STEAM subjects and change childrens’ lives for the better. We’re saving our big, bombastic Ozobot booth for the Future of EdTech Conference later this month, where we can’t wait to show educators what we’ve been working on!

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