Street Art Meets Audiovisual Installation: An Interview with Artist and Engineer Philipp Frank

Street art, also known as “graffiti,” has a history dating way back to the Stone Age, but really started to become a worldwide phenomenon in 1949–with the invention of the aerosol spray can. Fast forward to the early 90’s when twenty-something, Philipp Frank, started to discover his passion for graffiti writing. Little did he know, […]

20 Artists/Engineers Using Science and Tech to Create Modern Masterpieces

Science, technology and engineering have always been a part of art. Ancient sculptors used physics when carving their creations, while painters mixed different organic materials and chemicals to make inks and paints. Today’s artists also use the tools available to them, pushing boundaries and technology to share their visions with the world. While each creator […]

Painting & Programming: An Interview With Artist/Engineer Bob Belt

Our Artists & Engineers series replaces the actor/model with the artist/engineer,  a STEAM slash-something that is really worth looking up to. Get inspired by the individuals and collectives we interview, including Laetitia Sonami, Mitch Wenger, Arthur Ganson, and Ozobot’s own Bob Belt below, as they open up about the projects they’re excited about, where they think technology is headed, and what advice […]