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6 Winter Wonderland-Themed Activities with Evo and Bit

The coldest season of the year is quickly approaching. For a lot of kids, this means more time spent inside due to frosty weather. For teachers, keeping students entertained while confined

That’s why we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite winter-themed activities that are not only fun, but encourage engagement and bring some color to these gloomy months.


Reinbot Landing Practice Image

Reinbot Landing Practice

Color Codes
Grades: K-9

In this adorable lesson, students dress up their Evos or Bits as reindeer and observe the distance their bots travel in 30 seconds. They will need to figure out the best place from which to launch their bot to most accurately land on the rooftop. Then, they will compete to see who will be able to most accurately and safely guide their Reinbot onto the rooftop.

Evo-Elf on the Shelf

Creative Prompt

Between lessons, have your students decorate an Evo-Elf, complete with pointy ears and a hat. Then, have fun posing your Evo-Elf throughout the holiday season. Capture the bot in the act of stealing classroom candy, or have an Evo-Elf selfie mysteriously appear as the background on everyone’s computers or tablets. Share your Evo-Elf’s mischief (and follow along with the Ozobot office’s Evo-Elf) with #EvoElfOnTheShelf!

Snow Plow

Color Codes & OzoBlockly
Grades: 5-8
Author: Stephanie Racine

In this lesson, students follow the engineering process to design and build a snow plow. They will research plow shapes, sketch their design ideas, and work as a team to decide on the best design that fits their criteria.

Once they have selected their design, they will construct the snow plow. Using OzoBlockly, they will code their Ozobot Evo or Bit to maneuver the track with their plow and clear the roadway.

Evo Tricks Contest

Grades: K-12

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Evo Tricks Contest 2018

House Lighting Activity

Color Codes & OzoBlockly
Grades: K-12

Despite the argument of holiday decorating happening before or after Thanksgiving, students will have fun programming their Ozobot (Bit or Evo) to light up a house. Older students can create their own, original light animations for each intersection color.


Winter Olympics Image

Winter Olympics

Color Codes & OzoBlockly
Grades: 4-12
Author: Certified Educator Hanka Šandová

In this activity, students can program Bit or Evo to take part at any selected event from opening to closing ceremony. Sports events to choose from include curling, figure skating, ice dancing, bobsled and alpine skiing.


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