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Our Favorite Ozo-Things Shared On Social Last Month

February was full of creative Ozobot projects and inspiration shared across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and more. We loved seeing original ideas put together by educators and students alike and we couldn’t wait to share those awesome ideas with all of you! This new series will showcase our favorite photos and videos shared with us each month. We hope you’ll be as inspired by these ideas as we are!

Bit Finds Love On Valentine’s Day

Barbara Daniel’s class used Color Codes with this fun, Valentine’s Day themed activity. They were able to speed up their Bits to make it to the heart and hug each other at the end. So cute!

Superbowl? How about Evobowl?

evobowl 800x400

Maureen Gibson’s class programmed their Evos using OzoBlockly to create their own spin on the popular game. From the looks of it, their version seemed to be much more exciting than the televised event!

Line drawing/Color Code hack

line template 2 800x400

We love this hack shared by Dr. Jennifer Flynn for correct line and Color Code width! It is a template made from a 3D printer that younger kids can use as a guide until they get the hang of line drawing for Evo and Bit! Genius! The template for printing can be found here. Just be sure to fill in the small white spaces within the Color Code boxes so your Ozobot will read the codes correctly!

It’s never too late to learn to code

assisted living residents 800x400

Assisted living residents at Rolla Presbyterian Manor learned to code with Evo thanks to Kaleidoscope Discovery Center. With Ozobot’s two ways to code (markers and paper with Color Codes and online with OzoBlockly), people of all ages and skill levels can learn to code!

The Ozobot dome at FETC/TCEA

dome 800x400

We attended and displayed Evo at FETC and TCEA this year in a very special way and we have been thrilled to see the love you all had for our brand new dome!

“The Ozobot booth is the result of a great collaboration between the sales and creative teams. The booth was thought of as a place to welcome visitors to walk in and invite them to be a part of the experience we wanted to deliver. In that regard we built-in a semi dome made out of metal and plexiglass that is covered by a holographic filter. These give a nice halo of colors into the booth and outside of the booth. The main object was to create Evo’s world and feel like we are in Evo’s head seeing life in colors,” says Sarah Laplace, web designer here at Ozobot.

Robot “Snack”-Down using OzoBlockly

This fun and engaging game, using the loops codes in OzoBlockly, was shared on Twitter by Alicia Davis. Students programmed Bit to push as many candies as possible out of the circle in one minute. We hope Bit didn’t get a stomach ache after collecting all those chocolates!

Do you have some creative Ozo-content you want to share with us? Go ahead and tag us @ozobot and #ozosquad for a chance to be featured in the next social recap, coming up at the end of March!