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Our Favorite Ozo-Things Shared In May

It’s hard to believe the month of May is winding down already! Our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook feeds have been filled with Mother’s Day posts, Star Wars Day content, Cinco De Mayo activities, and more. May also serves as National Teen Self Esteem Month and we have loved seeing photos of teens building up their self-eSTEAM with our bots!

May The Fourth Be With You

Andrew Neft’s students coded their Evo to play the Star Wars theme song. We love that this not only honors Star Wars, but also shows off Evo’s musical abilities. Pitch perfect!

Cindy Gonzales’ class also went big this year for Star Wars Day. They created an entire May the Fourth event! The event was complete with toilet-paper-roll costumes for their Ozobots of Princess Leia, Darth Vader, Jabba the Hut, and more! Such a cool idea to recycle those rolls and bring characters to life!

Cinco De Mayo

Although this project was not necessarily for Cinco De Mayo, it does show Mexican heritage and we just LOVED the costumes that Kristin Miller’s class made for Bit! The super cute sombrero was made from a 3D doodle pen. Bots were coded with Color Codes to explore Oaxaca, the traditions of the Day of the Dead, and even ancient ruins.

Mother’s Day With Crafterina & Ozobot

Children, Evo, and Crafterina sounds like the perfect recipe for an awesome Mother’s Day! We collaborated with Vanessa Salgado of Crafterina in the past for a super fun dancing ocean activity. Xandy Whitman and her dance-loving daughter did the activity together on Xandy’s special day and we love it! They did a fantastic job!

Ozobot Goes To Prom

For most high schoolers, the end of the school year means it’s time for prom. The long-awaited dance is such a special time in a teen’s life. They get to pick out a dress (or suit!), get all made up (if that’s what you’re into), and dance the night away with their dates and friends. Did you know that Bit also gets to attend prom? We didn’t either, until Rene Perry posted this video! We love the attention to detail in the lead up to prom that her class created!

Teen Self-Esteem Month

In May, extra effort to counter self-worth and self-image problems teens may face is at the forefront of the Teen Self-Esteem Month campaign. Middle and high school are difficult times for students because of all the changes they start to experience. We love the idea of boosting self confidence for children and teens, so this is a campaign that we can definitely get behind.

We have many standards-aligned lessons in our Lesson Library that can be implemented in the classroom to help boost students’ self e-STEAM, so be sure to explore them.

Other than lesson ideas, we love to see teens in action with our bots. It shows that Ozobots are truly for all ages, including Kathy Uhr’s eighth grade science class. They learned about physics with Color Codes.

Do you have some creative Ozo-content you want to share with us? Go ahead and tag us @ozobot and #ozosquad for a chance to be featured in the next social recap, coming up at the end of June!