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Our Favorite OzoThings Shared in February

February may be the shortest month of the year, but it is packed with love–from Valentine’s Day to Black History Month and beyond. It is also a leap year, which is extra exciting for those whose birthdays fall on Feb. 29! 

We love our #OzoSquad and all of the inspiring things you share with us daily! Here are some of our favorites from this month. 

Be Mine

Valentine’s Day is a time to celebrate love, and we sure love our OzoSquad! We also love when educators use Ozobots to teach about love in the classroom. Check out these Valentines-inspired posts!

Little Problem Solvers shared this tried-and-true lesson about Ozobot finding “love,” which she modified to fit the needs of her preschooler. 

This class of second graders made Valentines for each other, using Bit to bring them to life. We love all the sweet messages! 

Miss Davis’ kindergarten class dressed up their Ozobot as a heart for their Valentine’s Day activity. Who would’ve thought a tiny red solo cup would be the perfect costume for Ozobot? 

Deanna Duray’s class of K/1 students did a fun maze activity for their Ozobot. The maze was shaped into a heart and the students had to code their bot to get out of it. So cute and creative!

Black History Month Timelines

Ozobots can be used in a variety of different subjects, including social studies! We were thrilled to see one of our Black History Month lessons adapted for Heather Reit’s second grade class. They used Evo to follow a timeline of Mary McLeod Bethune’s life and achievements. Such a great way to bring the past back to life! 

Equity For All

This specific post warmed our hearts so much! Jennifer Weaver reached out to us to inquire about how to adapt Ozobot for blind students. We mentioned that attaching a sensory object (such as a feather) to the bot could be useful. Thank you, Jennifer, for being an advocate for equity in STEAM! 

100 Days Smarter

For many schools, 100th Day of School falls in February. There are many ways to celebrate, such as dressing up as the elderly or attaching 100 of a single item onto a t-shirt. Our favorite, though, is when educators use Ozobots to celebrate the occasion! 

Jahaira Ortiz’s class did just that! Using Evo’s light and color sensors, the students used a light board to determine how Evo is to different lighting!