Painting & Programming: An Interview With Artist/Engineer Bob Belt

Our Artists & Engineers series replaces the actor/model with the artist/engineer,  a STEAM slash-something that is really worth looking up to. Get inspired by the individuals and collectives we interview, including Laetitia Sonami, Mitch Wenger, Arthur Ganson, and Ozobot’s own Bob Belt below, as they open up about the projects they’re excited about, where they think technology is headed, and what advice […]

How Art Conservationists Use STEAM Skills to Restore Priceless Works

One of the biggest mistakes that parents, teachers, administrators, and even kids make is separating science and technology from art. Not only is technology often used to create art, but artists use a variety of principles and elements from chemistry, biology, and physics to create their works. A watercolor painting is actually a science experiment […]

Exploring Motion In Sculpture: An Interview With Artist/Engineer Arthur Ganson

Kinetic Sculptor Arthur Ganson has been perfecting his art since 1977. His work is extremely unique and has been exhibited in numerous galleries and museums in the U.S. and Europe, including the MIT Museum and The Exploratorium in San Francisco. The New York Times and Smithsonian have covered Ganson’s inventions. These creations, rather than serving […]