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Put the “A” in STEAM with Ozobot’s Creator Pack!

Ozobot is excited to introduce a bundle of your favorite accessories at a fraction of the price. Put the “A” in STEAM—at school or at home—with:

  • 1 Unicorn Wearable Skin for Evo
  • 1 Racer Wearable Skin for Evo
  • 1 DIY Pack
  • Color Code Stickers
  • Line Following Markers

Read on to learn more about the accessories that make up the Creator Pack for Evo!

Unicorn & Racer Wearable Skins 

Take Evo (and some Unicorn and Racer fun!) with you wherever you go. The Wearable Skins attach to a lanyard to protect Evo out-and-about, and unlock Unicorn and Racer sound effects and tricks—all built with code!

DIY Pack

Personalize Evo with colorful custom skins, stickers, and pop-outs! The DIY pack comes with:

  • Four clear skins that slip on top of Evo, plus tons of stickers and pop-outs.
  • 270 colorful DIY stickers including eyes, mustaches, bows, insect wings, flowers, lightning bolts, and more.
  • 24 DIY pop-outs including a top hat, headphones, bunny ears, beast horns, and butterfly antennae.

Color Code Stickers

160 Color Code stickers, for coding Evo without screens! Draw lines with markers and add Color Code stickers that tell your robot to speed up, spin, show off cool moves, and more!

The sticker pack includes 40 Direction stickers, 40 Speed and Cool Moves stickers, 40 Timers and Counters stickers, and 40 Correction stickers.

Line Following Markers

This 4-pack of black markers with angled tips make it easy to draw lines for Evo to follow. Add color codes with markers or stickers for programming on paper. Plus, they’re washable and non-toxic.